June 1, 2017

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Caroll Michels, Career Coach & Artist Advocate
1724 Burgos Drive • Sarasota, FL 34238
Phone: 941-922-5277

FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THE USA: Payment can only be accepted in U.S. dollars using a credit card, an American Express money order or bank draft paid out to an American bank. Please do not send Canadian money orders.

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The Newsletter, via email, $20.00
Newsletter subscription via snail mail in the USA, $25.00
Newsletter subscription via snail mail to Canada and abroad, $30.00
Annotated Art Consultant List. $95.00
Annotated Art Consultant List, printout formatted for reproduction on labels $120.00
Combo Art Consultant with Annotations and Curator CD. $395.00
Combo Art Consultant with Annotations and Curator DropBox version $395.00
Art Consultant CD with Annotations.  $215.00
Art Consultant with Annotations. DropBox version.$215.00
Curators List. $120
Curators CD-ROM. $235.00
Curators DropBox version. $235.00
Art Critics List. $45.00
Art Critics List with Email Database. $60.00
Interior Design & Architecture Press Contacts. $50.00
Interior Design & Architecture Press List with Email Database. $65.00
International, National & Regional Art Press List. $70.00
International, National & Regional Press List with Email Database. $85.00
New York Area Art Press List. $45.00
New York Area Press List with Email Database. $60.00
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