June 8, 2017


Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul
by Caroll Michels

The 7th revised edition will be published in April 2018 by Allworth Press.  Prepublication orders are available on Amazon. 

This updated and revised classic handbook puts to rest the popular myth of the starving artist. There is plenty of room in the art world for artists to make a good living – if they are willing to take an active stand in promoting their careers. Michels shows those who would like to make a living from their art work how to navigate the often bewildering corridors of power that lead to success in the art world.

Written for fine artists ready to launch their careers – as well as experienced artists who wish to relaunch their careers– the 7th edition of this acclaimed guide, empowers artists to take control of their careers to create a fulfilling life and earn a decent income. Caroll Michels continues to demystify the inner workings of the art world and challenge the status quo. Some new topics include:

– New business models for artists: Going to the extreme.
– The use of social media and website development as marketing and publicity tools and what does and doesn’t work.
– The confusion between the “art-buying public” and the “general public” and their differences.
– New suggestions for establishing and calculating prices for artwork.
– Neighborhood gentrification and the growing challenges of securing a reasonably priced live/work space.


“With advice that ranges from how to prepare for studio visits and effectively negotiate with art dealers to self-help strategies for handling rejection – as well as success – Ms. Michels explodes the romantic notion of the starving artist.” Deidre Stein Greben, New York Times

Michels is a tough but compassionate advocate, savvy in the ways of the world and the demands on artists in this materialistic society.” Richard Pachter, Miami Herald

“Learn how to successfully market yourself as an artist, performer, or (shudder) ‘creative,’ through this step-by-step guide.  Michels writes in terse, instructive sentences, and never lets us off the hook:  ‘If you want to avoid fulfilling your potential as an artist, there are many ways of going about it.  Excuses are easy to find [and] the fear list can go on and on’.” Kathleen Massara, Huffington Post

“How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist. Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul by Caroll Michels… is the best guide I’ve found that looks at creating fine art as a career.” Chris Farrell, host of Right on the Money, produced by Twin Cities PBS

“She writes vigorously and passionately from several convictions: artists have bargaining power – and they must keep it; there is ample room in the art world for many artists to make a decent living; and artists have to invest in their own careers… Michels is personal and practical… She sounds like Wonder Woman; she is filled with energy, ideas, and sufficient spleen not to be walked on – ever! Her experience is the reader’s bonus.” American Artist

“Filled with valuable information and sound advice…highly recommended.” Library Journal

“. . . Michels provides information on art world politics that artists really need. She also gives a lot of straightforward advice on strategizing…” Barbara Schreiber, Art Papers