May 31, 2017

Registration Form

Phone Consultation Registration Form

Please printout this registration form and complete the information by hand. PLEASE PRINT.  Or register by phone 941-922-5277.


Send to: Caroll Michels, Career Coach & Artist-Advocate
1724 Burgos Drive • Sarasota, FL 34238

I would like to arrange an initial phone consultation.

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The best day(s) of the week for a phone consultation are:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
The best hours (Eastern Time) for a phone consultation are:


Enclosed is a check for $100.00 representing a deposit for an initial phone consultation, which is prorated on the basis of $200 an hour.
Please charge my $100.00 deposit for a phone consultation to my credit card:
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Or  pay through Paypal

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Attention Artists Living Abroad:
If you are not charging the deposit to a credit card and do not have an American bank account, please use one of the following methods of payment:
Enclosed is a bank draft for $100.00 in U.S. dollars paid out to an American bank for an initial phone consultation
Enclosed is an international money order or American Express money order for $100.00 U.S. dollars for an initial phone consultation
* Please note: Canadian postal orders are not accepted.

Privacy Notice:
Please be assured your name and personal information will never be rented, sold, or otherwise distributed to anyone, for any reason.