Get the Picture

A Mind-Bending Journey among the Inspired Artists and Obsessive Art
Fiends Who Taught Me How to See
See by Bianca Bosker. Bosker (Viking 2024).
“ . . . Bianca Bosker’s existence was upended when she wandered into the art world—and
couldn’t look away. Intrigued by artists who hyperventilate around their favorite colors
and art fiends who max out credit cards to show hunks of metal they think can change the
world, Bosker grew fixated on understanding why art matters and how she—or any of
us—could engage with it more deeply. Bosker throws herself into the nerve center of art
and the people who live for it: gallerists, collectors, curators, and, of course, artists
themselves—the kind who work multiple jobs to afford their studios while scrabbling to
get eyes on their art . . . she discovers not only the inner workings of the art-canonization
machine but also a more expansive way of living. . . Probing everything from cave paintings
to Instagram, and from the science of sight to the importance of beauty as it examines art’s
role in our culture, our economy, and our hearts.”


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