Aphorisms for Artists

100 Ways Towards Better Art
by Aphorisms for Artists: 100 Ways Towards Better Art (New York: Allworth Press 2024).
From Amazon.com: “Why do young artists struggle to find their voices? Walter Darby Bannard, a renowned teacher, critic, and internationally exhibited painter, contemplated that question for more than two decades . . . Bannard set down his
thoughts in a short book . . . It is at once a volume of practical art-making wisdom and an engaging piece of personal philosophy, both wry and readable.” Some Aphorism examples: “Paint, don’t think” and “This is what I say when I see a student sitting passively in front of unfinished work. Painting is action: paint, look, paint again, look again. If you are not in the thick of it, go have lunch.”

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