August 6, 2017


  • How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist

    by Caroll Michels.  Allworth Press, revised 2018.
    Written for fine artists ready to launch their careers as well as experienced artists eager to relaunch their careers. “Michels explodes the romantic notion of the starving artist.” —The New York Times

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  • The Artist’s Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions

    by Lynn Basa, Mary Jane Jacob, and Barbara T. Hoffman. Second Edition July 2019. New York: Allworth Press

    Presents information on how to find, apply for, compete for, and win a public art commission. Includes interviews with artists and arts administrators experienced in the public art field. The new edition shows artists how to cut through the red tape and win commissions that are rewarding both financially and artistically.

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  • Guide to Getting Arts Grants

    by Ellen Liberatori. New York: Allworth Press, 2006.
    Provides artists (and arts groups) with information on facts and skills needed for grants applications in the arts, including formulating budgets, mastering the intricacies of the application process, online resources and application opportunities, insights into understanding the selection and review process, and more.

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  • Licensing Art & Design

    by Caryn R. Leland. New York: Allworth Press, revised 1995.
    Contains advice on how to license creative images with information on protecting ideas using copyrights, patents, and trademarks; maximizing royalties; finding manufacturers and distributors; and licensing in cyberspace. Includes a model licensing agreement.


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  • Legal Guide for the Visual Artist

    by M.J. Bogatin and Tad Crawford . New York: Allworth Press, revised 2022.
    Covers copyright, contracts, sales, taxation, estate planning, and many other legal issues of importance to artists and their work. The new edition includes a discussion of new media and electronic rights.


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  • Aphorisms for Artists

    100 Ways Towards Better Art
    by Aphorisms for Artists: 100 Ways Towards Better Art (New York: Allworth Press 2024).
    From “Why do young artists struggle to find their voices? Walter Darby Bannard, a renowned teacher, critic, and internationally exhibited painter, contemplated that question for more than two decades . . . Bannard set down his
    thoughts in a short book . . . It is at once a volume of practical art-making wisdom and an engaging piece of personal philosophy, both wry and readable.” Some Aphorism examples: “Paint, don’t think” and “This is what I say when I see a student sitting passively in front of unfinished work. Painting is action: paint, look, paint again, look again. If you are not in the thick of it, go have lunch.”

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  • Business and Legal Forms for Fine Artists

    by Tad Crawford. New York: Allworth Press, revised 2014.
    Contains ready-to-use forms with detailed instructions, including artist-gallery agreements, and contracts for sales, commissions, and limited editions. Includes a CD-ROM to print out the various forms.


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  • Get the Picture

    A Mind-Bending Journey among the Inspired Artists and Obsessive Art
    Fiends Who Taught Me How to See
    See by Bianca Bosker. Bosker (Viking 2024).
    “ . . . Bianca Bosker’s existence was upended when she wandered into the art world—and
    couldn’t look away. Intrigued by artists who hyperventilate around their favorite colors
    and art fiends who max out credit cards to show hunks of metal they think can change the
    world, Bosker grew fixated on understanding why art matters and how she—or any of
    us—could engage with it more deeply. Bosker throws herself into the nerve center of art
    and the people who live for it: gallerists, collectors, curators, and, of course, artists
    themselves—the kind who work multiple jobs to afford their studios while scrabbling to
    get eyes on their art . . . she discovers not only the inner workings of the art-canonization
    machine but also a more expansive way of living. . . Probing everything from cave paintings
    to Instagram, and from the science of sight to the importance of beauty as it examines art’s
    role in our culture, our economy, and our hearts.”


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  • The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing

    The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing: How to Find Funds and Write Foolproof Proposals for the Visual, Literary, and Performing Artist
    by Gigi Rosenberg. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 2010.
    Empowers artists with the tools they need to find and win funding. Includes time-tested strategies, anecdotes from dozens of funded artists, and tips from grants officers and fundraising specialists. Covers every aspect of writing a winning grant application including how to research funding, build a team of support, and overcome psychological roadblocks.

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  • The Artist’s Complete Health and Safety Guide

    by Monona Rossol. New York: Allworth Press. Revised 2019

    Everything you need to know about safe and unsafe art materials, and comply with the United States and Canadian right-to-know laws.


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